Aaron Cohen |  Collaborator   email:  contactaaroncohen (at) gmail.com

Aaron Cohen | Collaborator

email: contactaaroncohen (at) gmail.com

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Aaron believes the gap between possibility and reality has never been greater. Our shared capabilities are unparalleled even as our families, communities, and world face existential threats. Whether working for political campaigns, a farm business, or an urban community college, Aaron has sought to help close this gap by empowering those who feel shut out of a system that fails to reflect their perspectives, experiences, values, and goals. At Duke University, he co-instructed an interdisciplinary, mixed graduate-undergraduate course on Well-Being Economics, investigating how we might best build an economy that advances society within ecological limits. With Upstream Works Collaborative, he hopes to build community-based models that reflect this purpose, helping build replicable and scalable models that begin to bridge “what is” with “what ought to be.” He received his B.A. in International Studies from American University and his Master of Public Policy from Duke University.