Cecilia Barja |  Collaborator

Cecilia Barja | Collaborator

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Cecilia holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Universidad Católica de Bolivia and a Master in Public Administration from Harvard Kennedy School. In 1999, she co-founded Movimiento Sin Miedo, a political party whose mission was the elimination of corruption and poverty in Bolivia. In December of that year, at age 23, she was elected councilwoman of the Municipal Government of La Paz, making her the youngest councilperson in the history of the city. For the past 20 years, Cecilia has led complex multi-sector, cross-border, sustainable programs in her home country of Bolivia, throughout Latin America, and in the US. She has been the Country Representative for Fundación Avina in Colombia, responsible for the Foundation’s strategy in the Pan-Amazon and the peace process in rural areas of Colombia. Cecilia is the Former Managing Director of Magis Americas in New York City, where she worked on an education partnership with the largest Latin American education network, Fe y Alegría. She was selected to be a Yale World Fellow in 2004 and was awarded a scholarship to the Georgetown Competitiveness Leadership Program in 2007. Since moving to Durham in 2016, Cecilia is a community organizer, working to create collective power to ensure fair treatment and equal opportunities for immigrants. She is a board member of Durham Community Land Trustees (DCLT), an organization that manages and advocates for permanent affordable housing, and El Futuro, a nonprofit clinic providing mental health services for Latino families.