Mary Elbech |  Collaborator

Mary Elbech | Collaborator



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integrated mobility PLANNING


With a background in transportation planning from Denmark and the Netherlands, Mary has 8 years of experience in adapting international best practices in mobility to work within a local context. Since 2011 she has supported communities in becoming safer and more accessible, and has worked on innovative projects in network planning, cycle track safety reviews, shared space and 20 mph zone policy, protected intersections, complete streets, and school zones. Mary has participated in workshops and international conferences in Europe and the Americas, as a speaker and organizer. She recently completed work on demonstration protected bike lanes in Jackson, WY and is currently working on the Bikeway Selection Guide for the Federal Highways Administration – integrating principles of Vision Zero into the Guide. She is a graduate of the University of North Carolina, and got her start in active transportation planning when living and working in Copenhagen.